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The adventure begins again in the next year of INJUSTICE with Year 3 beginning this week. Jumping ahead in time, we see a different group called into the conflict as the magic wielders are now summoned to aid against Superman’s force.

10717510_895380053813574_2113492665_nStarting the story again is not an easy task but Tom Taylor has taken on the challenge introducing yet another path for the story to take. I found it awesome that…

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Review - Star Spangled War Stories - Futures End 001

Review – Star Spangled War Stories – Futures End 001

Star Spangled War Stories – Futures End 001 is a fun finale to a relatively short story ark. Watching it come to an end was as sad as it was gratifying. (As usual section contains SPOILERS!!!) In Star Spangled War Stories – Futures End 001 the Black Ice Virus is on the loose and GI Zombie is the only one who can stop it from reaching Gotham.

Star Spangled War Stories – Futures End 001 story drops…

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New look at Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

New look at Amy Adams as Lois Lane.

Batman V. Superman Dawn of Justice has filming has been taking place for the past few months and after a recent break from filming Superman’s love interest Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams, has been spotted on set wearing denim dungarees and looking very much like a farmer.

Adams seems to be wearing a slight spoiler on her hand in all of these images. What looks like an engagement ring can be seen…

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batsupesNew set photos showing an anti-Superman protest were recently published by Tim Reinman on his Twitter account. The pictures show what could be a big plot line in Dawn of Justice. The boy scout might not be so high on everyone’s “hero-meter.” This isn’t surprising considering how Supes demolished most of Metropolis with the battle against Zod in Man of Steel. With the end of Man of Steel resulting in Metropolis in ashes and Zod with a broken neck, could citizens actually be holding Superman accountable for his actions? It certainly seems so when you look closely at the stills. Two of the clearest things to pick out in the protest is a sign that reads, “Thanks for the ‘Help’” and a fire consuming what looks to be a Superman dummy. This sets the tone for the new movie with maybe an anti-Superman viewpoint. This would easily allow Lex Luthors character played by Jessie Eisenberg to fit right in. Who better to lead the crusade against the alien than the man who hates him the most.

There has been so much coming out in the past few weeks about Dawn of Justice. The new shots of possible Wayne Manor, the multiple pictures of the Batmobile, and the new Lois Lane pictures are just a few highlights. It really does make 2016 feel incredibly far away. For the next year and a half all we can rely on are more leaked pictures and more crazy rumors. If I get my birthday wish maybe even a leaked trailer.


Could this possibly lead into why Batman doesn’t feel so comfortable with Superman on Earth? Based on the leaked footage from Comic-Con a Dark Knight Returns showdown seems likely. I wouldn’t object to an after credit scene where fans get to see Batman crafting a Kryptonite weapon.

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice will be in theatres March 25, 2016

The only tickets in the next two years that I will buy in advance.

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Anti-Superman Awareness New set photos showing an anti-Superman protest were recently published by Tim Reinman on his Twitter account.

New image of Affelck as Batman.

New image of Affelck as Batman.

With the recent release of the image of the Batsuit and the new Batmobile there were bound to be more images from the set of Batman Vs Superman DoJ released before the film’s release. But the recent reveal from the set shows Affleck standing like the Caped Crusader would.
The recent leaked images show us Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight himself. The first image is of a very low quality and looks…

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mooneyAfter seeing the season preview for Gotham I am more excited than ever. It seems that sooner rather than later a few new villains will make their presence known in Gotham City. In addition to Cobblepot, Nygma, and Kyle some familiar faces will be popping up throughout Gotham’s freshman season. At the forefront of all this action looks to be a three-way turf war between Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett-Smith), Sal Maroni (David Zayas), and Carmine Falcone (John Doman). Before it seemed as though the Mooney/Falcone plot would be more of a back story to the Gotham origins. This trailer clearly proves otherwise.

It’s almost an undebatable fact that Batman has the best rogues gallery. Gotham will seemingly be showcasing not only the main villains, but also some of the lesser known enemies of the Caped Crusader. It has already been confirmed by producers that Mr. Freeze, Harvey Dent, and Hugo Strange will be introduced somewhere down the line. Obviously Penguin is already starting to take shape.

Shown in the trailer, Mr. Zsasz will be hitting the screen with a bang. Entering the GCPD and calling out Gordon (Ben
Mckenzie) in a room full of cops is a pretty bold move. With a clean face, neck, and barely scarred arm it would appear
that Zsasz has only begun his massacre of Gotham. Also shown briefly is someone in what looks like a burlap mask. One has to assume that it would be none other than an early version of Scarecrow. With Gotham showing so much love for villain origin stories, I think fans could keep this show going for a very long time.

In the final seconds of the trailer Bullock (Donal Logue) is arguing with Gordon, gun pointed at him ready to fire. I’ve looked over a few comments and people are under the impression that Bullock and Gordon will be enemies moving forward. I can only speculate that something will happen that makes them both gain a deeper level of respect for each other. In Batman: The Animated Series they aren’t the best of friends but you can certainly tell there is something they have more than a partnership.


Catch Gotham Mondays on Fox at 8/7c

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New Villains for Gotham After seeing the season preview for Gotham I am more excited than ever. It seems that sooner rather than later a few new villains will make their presence known in Gotham City.

Meet the new creative team behind Green Arrow

Meet the new creative team behind Green Arrow

Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokoloski, the writers behind the hit CW show Arrow are celebrating their debut on the Green Arrow comics. The two writers are moving onto the comic book series with GREEN AROW #35 set for debut tomorrow and if you’re going to be in Los Angeles, you might have the opportunity to meet them.

Alongside colorist Gabe Eltaeb, the trio will be celebrating their debut with a…

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Batman 75th Stamp Collection coming soon

Batman 75th Stamp Collection coming soon

The caped crusader is getting his own stamp collection. Yesterday announced their Batman stamp sheet exclusively from the United States Postal Service.

The stamp sheet will display eight unique designs on a pane of 20 stamps to celebrate the Batman’s 75th anniversary. There will be four versions of the iconic caped crusader to represent the four eras of his history, beginning in…

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Did Gotham and Arrow Crossover?

Did Gotham and Arrow Crossover?

dollmakerBruno Heller has teased about Gotham and Arrow having a corssover in the future, but could it be starting now? Some things popped out in the 2nd episode of Gotham that made people wonder. To start off the Queen Consolidated logo was seen in the skyline of Gotham.


Also we have two crazy people working for The Dollmaker and kidnapping kids. In the second season of Arrow we seen Barton Mathis,…

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Arrow The FlashWe all knew that the CW’s Arrow and The Flash were going to have a crossover and now we know the title of the episode. The episode started filming yesterday, September 29, 2014. The title of the 2 hour long crossover episode is “The Brave and the Bold”.  This title has been used a few times in the DC universe. It’s best known as Batman’s long running comic book series and the short running animated series of the same name, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

This episode will be directed by Jesse Warn, who also directed last season’s “The Man Under the Hood”. Warn will also direct The Flash‘s 3rd episode ” Things You Can’t Out Run”. The 1st part of the crossover will air as the 8th episode of The Flash with the title ” Flash vs Arrow”.


Arrow/The Flash Crossover Has a Name We all knew that the CW’s Arrow and The Flash were going to have a crossover and now we know the title of the episode.
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