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Exclusive Pt V: Meet Kyle James-Patrick Director of fan series Nightwing: Prodigal

Exclusive Pt V: Meet Kyle James-Patrick Director of fan series Nightwing: Prodigal

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In our Exclusive Part V, DC Fans get another insight on the upcoming fan film, Nightwing: Prodigal. Last week we had our fourth interview with Camden Filtness (Riddler), while this week we go one on one with Kyle James-Patrick the Director of the series.

In the lead up to the film’s release (April 2014) DC Comics News will be publicising an exclusive interview with each of the main cast…

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Review: Batman #30

Batman #21 started off “Zero Year” in an epic fashion, the promising potential that Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo laid before us left us salivating at the mouth. Every issue that has followed has been ramping up the action and chaos with every panel. With each new issue we gain a new understanding of “Zero Year” and the sheer brilliance the team of Snyder and Capullo put before us. With Batman#…

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Animated ‘Arkham’ Feature Film Stars Kevin Conroy

Animated ‘Arkham’ Feature Film Stars Kevin Conroy

Hang on to your hats, kiddies, because there’s even more Batman headed your way! A brand new full-length animated feature film based on the popular Arkham series (maybe you’ve heard of it?) will be coming our way, headed by the only Batman I recognize, Kevin Conroy.

The film appears to pair Batman up with a ragtag group of misfits some of you may have heard of: the Suicide Squad. Under the…

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Director Zack Snyder talks “Batman Vs. Superman” in Interview

Director Zack Snyder talks “Batman Vs. Superman” in Interview

Director Zack Snyder

Director Zack Snyder

Forbes contributor Mark Hughes talked with Zack Snyder (Watchmen300) about Batman Vs. Superman.  Mark is clearly a fan of Snyder’s works and lets the conversation stray from Batman to Watchmen and Sucker Punch.  The exclusive interview is nonetheless a fun look into this filmmakers’ genuine passion for the source material and his excitement to materialize “our-world” super…

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DC Comics News Podcast Episode 7: Agents of DCN

DC Comics News Podcast Episode 7: Agents of DCN

After a short break Shane & Matt are back with Epiosde 7 of the DCN Podcast. We start with the obligatory Arrow update, DC relaunches some books, new ones get announced, Constantine plot details and Gotham news. Also, we talk Marvels new movie.(gasp) What will happen when DC and marvel go head to head at the box office? Is it bad that we gush over the new Captain America movie? Tune in for the…

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New ‘Son of Batman’ clip and images released

New ‘Son of Batman’ clip and images released

A new video clip from the upcoming DCUA film, Son of Batman, has officially been released by Warner Bros.  The full film will have its world premiere on Friday, April 18th at WonderCon.  This will be part of their big Batman 75th Anniversary celebration (see my article about the celebration here).  Son of Batman will be DCUA’s 20th original animated film.


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Michael Wilkinson Talks About Being “Man of Steel” Costume Designer

Michael Wilkinson Talks About Being “Man of Steel” Costume Designer

Michael Wilkinson, fresh off an Oscar nomination for designing the film “American Hustle” has been a costume designer for years. Now with his latest project “Man of Steel 2″ on the horizon he sat down with to discuss his approach on the superhero film.

Michael+Wilkinson+American+Hustle+Screening+eUJjFiGdQErl“I would never say as a rule that I don’t do this type of film.  For me I read the script.  If there’s something about it I…

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James Tynion IV Talks ‘Batman Eternal”

James Tynion IV Talks ‘Batman Eternal”

The first two issues of the new, weekly “Batman Eternal” has already hit the shelves and if first impressions mean anything, we’re in for a bumpy ride. The first page of Batman Eternal #1 is already generating buzz alone due to its fantastic art by Jay Fabok. Batman is strung up, brutally beaten, overlooking a chaotic Gotham City as an unknown villain taunts him from afar, chilling to say the…

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Arrow Season 3 Will Have “Different Feel”

Arrow Season 3 Will Have “Different Feel”

Ever since The CW’s Arrowappeared on TV, the show has been improving with each episode, gaining more fans with it’s fantastic story lines. Currently in Season 2 the show is experiencing huge leaps and bounds regarding it’s reputation as the go-to DC show out there. We’ve been witness so far to some great character depictions and cameos of fan favorite heroes and villains from the DC Universe.…

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Tomasi, Kubert Announces “Robin Rises: Omega” For July

Tomasi, Kubert Announces “Robin Rises: Omega” For July

Since Damian Wayne met his untimely demise at the hands of Leviathan in ‘Batman Inc #8 ‘ Batman has been Robin-less. The “Batman and Robin” series put together by writer Peter Tomasi and Andy Kubert has turned into a “Batman and _____” series, with notable characters such as Frankenstein and Aquaman filling the void left behind by the former Boy Wonder.


Damian_diesBut Robin will soon rise again,…

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